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Volvo xc90

Volvo XC90

Attention to detail. It’s what raises Volvo’s latest luxury SUV above the competition. You could say the same for the XC90’s in-car audio system. Featuring core Bowers & Wilkins technologies, the system is designed to convey the detail in
music – creating a sound that feels more spacious and lifelike than ever.

Passion for sound

volvo video
volvo tweeter on top

Tweeter on top

Tweeter-on-top is a feature found in some of our most advanced Hi Fi speakers. With the XC90, we’ve introduced this technology to car audio for the very first time. The tweeter-on-top centre speaker minimises acoustic reflection from the windscreen, resulting in a sound that’s detailed and true to life.

Space station

It’s the subtle nuances that create a sense of space around the performance and bring music to life. The XC90 system delivers spine-tingling detail and spaciousness thanks to tried and tested technologies, combined with a special feature never before seen in a Bowers & Wilkins car system.

Surrounded by sound

The 19 speaker XC90 system is powered by a high-quality Class D amplifier, and seamlessly integrated into the cabin architecture. Each speaker has been positioned for optimum acoustics and the most immersive sound possible.

Fine tuning

Tuning an automotive speaker system is a fine art. One that requires expert ears, hours of listening, and in the case of the XC90, extensive collaboration between the engineers of Volvo and Bowers & Wilkins. The result: the perfect system for the car’s unique cabin environment.

volvo space station

Advanced materials

The result of five decades of research and innovation, our technologies have become benchmarks for our industry. For the XC90 system, we deployed some of the same technological features that have made our Hi Fi speakers world-famous – while adapting and enhancing them to meet the demands of the car environment.

Smoother midrange

The XC90’s 100mm yellow Kevlar drive units have been specially engineered for a smoother roll-off, and come protected by a grille designed for optimum acoustic openness.

Controlled bass

The XC90’s bass drivers balance strength and flexibility to deliver both awesome power and fine control. With an extra-large voice coil, and extensive bracing, they produce serious bass with the minimum of distortion.

volvo acoustic tech

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