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Sound System

Experience the world’s finest Sound System. Four
rock solid speaker stacks that will change the way
you hear live music.

“The quality of the system is the answer to all the
problems DJs have. When the sound is this good,
you can play whatever you want.”
John Talabot, DJ and musician.

Sound System

Sound System

Nothing beats the rush of experiencing live music with others but all too often something is missing from the experience: sound quality. It’s a problem that got us thinking: What if we could take the hi-fi experience and scale it up to fill a gig venue? From that idea, the Bowers & Wilkins Sound System was born.

Now in its third year, Sound System will once again be making a handful of appearances in festivals around Europe including perhaps the most musically discerning of all festivals, Primavera Sound.

Sound System

Primavera Sound 2016

Sound System made its world debut at Primavera Sound,
Barcelona in 2014 to widespread critical acclaim. DJs and
audiences alike have been wowed by the incredible clarity
the System produces, while losing none of the power they
have come to expect from the world’s best clubs.

We are extremely proud and excited to be returning once
again this summer. Sound System at Primavera has hosted
some of the world’s most cutting edge electronic acts
including Jamie xx, John Talabot, Dixon and Daphni. This
year will be no different.

“The sound is crystal clear, you can hear every detail. It is
a beautiful experience”
DJ Fra, curator of Primavera Sound Festival

Primavera line up 2016

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Get involved

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Our biggest sound ever

Our biggest sound ever


Sound System overcomes the problems of dynamic compression inherent in traditional PA systems by adapting the acoustic design of our flagship hi-fi and studio speakers in a massively enlarged format. The foundation of each Sound System stack is its four rock solid, fully braced low frequency enclosures, which incorporate tried and tested Bowers & Wilkins bass driver technology. Each Sound System stack also features four mid/high frequency enclosures, incorporating two mid/bass units, an FST Kevlar midrange driver and four Nautilus tube-loaded high frequency drivers.

Delivering bass

Each of the four low frequency enclosures incorporates two 380mm (15”) Rohacell composite drivers; customised versions of those in our CT800 system. Flowports take care of bass loading and a Sound System module of four LF enclosures is capable of an extraordinary 120dB at 8m.


The specially made cabinet enclosures are unlike anything else ever manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins. However the internal Matrix bracing system and Flowport technology are key Bowers & Wilkins innovations from our production speakers.

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