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Sound System

Bowers & Wilkins Sound System

Music is meant to be shared; nothing beats the rush of experiencing music with others. But there’s a catch. Although concerts and live events are often fantastic, all too often something is missing from the experience: sound quality. It’s a problem that got us thinking: what if we could take the hi-fi experience and scale it up to fill a gig venue? From that idea, the Bowers & Wilkins Sound System was born. The Sound System will not be commercially produced but you can experience it at Bowers & Wilkins music events.

Hear every note live

Our biggest sound ever

Our biggest sound ever


Sound System overcomes the problems of dynamic compression inherent in traditional PA systems by adapting the acoustic design of our flagship hi-fi and studio speakers in a massively enlarged format. The foundation of each Sound System stack is its four rock solid, fully braced low frequency enclosures, which incorporate tried and tested Bowers & Wilkins bass driver technology. Each Sound System stack also features four mid/high frequency enclosures, incorporating two mid/bass units, an FST Kevlar midrange driver and four Nautilus tube-loaded high frequency drivers.

Delivering bass

Each of the four low frequency enclosures incorporates two 380mm (15”) Rohacell composite drivers; customised versions of those in our CT800 system. Flowports take care of bass loading and a Sound System module of four LF enclosures is capable of an extraordinary 120dB at 8m.


The specially made cabinet enclosures are unlike anything else ever manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins. However the internal Matrix bracing system and Flowport technology are key Bowers & Wilkins innovations from our production speakers.

Primavera Technology

Primavera Sound 2014

Bowers & Wilkins Sound System will debut at Primavera Sound, Barcelona - bringing spine-tingling, true hi-fi sound to a mix of
DJ sets and live acts in a stunning 21m igloo tent with 360° video

Catch music from every night as it happens, as Sound System is streamed live on Boiler Room TV, the world’s biggest underground music platform.

Primavera line up

The line up

The visual experience

The amazing sound is just part of the Bowers & Wilkins Sound System experience at Primavera 2014. Visuals also play a major role thanks to a mind-blowing 360-degree visual experience. Each night the work of a different cutting-edge visual artist complements the music for a completely immersive experience.

Primavera Visuals

Visual Artist - Jack Featherstone

Jack Featherstone is an artist, designer and moving image maker working between the borders of art, music, fashion and design. He has collaborated with some of the biggest artists at the forefront of electronic music, crafting campaigns for James Holden, Nathan Fake, Luke Abbott and Simian Mobile Disco amongst others.

Jack Featherstone

Visual Artist - Tom Wall

Tom Wall is a VJ and creative director of motion graphics design studio 'blinkinLAB'. The main focus of his work is the creation of visual content for bands and DJs on LED installations and projection-mapped surfaces at live events. Over the years, he has created visual content for the likes of Leftfield, Chase and Status, Pendulum, Knife Party, Andy C, DJ Fresh, Pet Shop Boys, Janet Jackson, Jason Mraz, Swedish House Mafia and Dizzee Rascal.

Tom Wall

Visual Artist - Florence To

London based artist Florence To designs functional installations to create an awareness of the original space. To performs live with her installation to create a real emotional response within a performance and to also interact with the emotional response from the music performer. She currently produces live visual shows with Speedy J, Alex Smoke and Ricardo Donoso.

Florence To

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