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Pre-owned products

Pre-owned products

We believe that a Bowers & Wilkins product of any age
represents the pinnacle of audio innovation of the time,
and beyond it. From the legendary P1 to the Nautilus 801
and the 800 Diamond Series, every speaker we've created is
still highly regarded today. For some these previous models
are a perfect way to enjoy hi-fi and if you are looking for
used Bowers & Wilkins products, used-bowerswilkins.co.uk*
has been set up by B&W Group Ltd UK to allow its
authorised dealers to promote their used and second hand
products online and to allow customers to find them easily.

Bowers & Wilkins also believes strongly in sustainability
and giving traded in products a new owner means less waste
and less damage to our environment.

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*While the listings on used-bowerswilkins.co.uk are moderated,
Bowers & Wilkins takes no responsibility for the accuracy
of the listing details, photographs or description of products on
this externally managed and operated site. Any concerns in this
regard should be addressed to the advertising dealer concerned.

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