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After an incredible journey as the driving force behind the award-winning jazz group, Jef Neve Trio, acclaimed Belgian pianist Jef Neve has recorded his debut solo album, One, at the legendary Abbey Road Studios

Here, Jef explains the motivation behind going solo and how significant Abbey Road and Bowers & Wilkins were to the recording.

“After more than a decade of traveling around the globe with all sorts of bands in different line-ups, I felt that I was ready to record my first ever solo album. I started to compose a huge number of songs during all my travels, in hotel lobbies, airport lounges, during endless bus drives etc. ...

Then, finally the day came closer, that first day of recording, just me, my piano and a little bit further in the control room my dearest sound engineer. No visitors allowed. I had to get out of my comfort zone and into the music, totally, without any support. There was just an empty room except for some microphones and my piano, for the first time no other musicians to help me out.

At first I felt naked, deserted, a big confrontation with myself, as if I was looking into a mirror trying to reveal the reflection of my own personality. It took me half a day to reach that point where I could start to let go of my fears and energize the music, aiming for melodies that were never done before.

After the first recording session, my whole point of view of making a good new album changed completely, it had to be no less than perfect and from then on I accepted the personal challenge to do absolutely everything possible to make this album, whatever it would take.

For me it’s a unique opportunity since the sound of the speakers is so clear. Thanks to the Bowers & Wilkins speakers, I had control over the music. The difference is enormous when composing on the piano.”
Jef Neve

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