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Mini Theatre


Our Mini Theatre ranges are born out of an unrivalled heritage of acoustic innovation. For more than four decades, Bowers & Wilkins has continually set the pace of change in our industry, introducing the technologies that other speaker manufacturers eventually adopt and follow. With Mini Theatre, we’ve raised the technological bar once again.

Mini Theatre - A fresh start

A fresh start

Mini Theatre isn’t just an upgrade to the previous series – it’s a completely new system. Every technological component has been designed and built in-house, from the ground up. Inside each Mini Theatre speaker you’ll find new technologies never before seen in previous models  – some adapted from pioneering speakers such as the Nautilus, and others custom-made especially for this range.

Mini Theatre - Digital perfection

Digital perfection

The "D" in the name of the PV1D subwoofer stands for digital – an added dimension that brings a new level of enjoyment to your home theatre listening experience.  Thanks to its new digital platform, the subwoofer delivers faster, deeper bass. And with a range of EQ options and presets all controlled through a handy OLED display, it's easy to fine-tune your sound to suit your taste and environment.

Infinite flexibility

Infinite flexibility

The commanding power of the PV1D will turn any movie into a thrilling, highly involving experience. But it can do just the same for your enjoyment of music too. So it's good to know that the PV1D is flexible enough to work happily with a range of different Bowers & Wilkins hi fi speakers, including 2.1 stereo set-ups. Thanks to automatic calibration, integration couldn't be simpler.

Complete control Complete control

Complete control

With subwoofers, power is only half of the story. To convey the impact of an explosion, or the sweep of an orchestral score, you also need control – the kind that stops sonic distortion dead in its tracks and brings nuance and pin-sharp definition to even the biggest, most powerful bass effects. It's a quality the PV1D has in spades, due to its rock-solid construction and digital enhancements.

Opposed drive units Mini Theatre - Opposed drive units

Opposed drive units

PV1D stands firm under pressure, thanks not only to its sturdy construction, but also to the ingenious design of its twin drivers, opposing each other in perfect mechanical alignment. The symmetrical mounting of the drive units keeps the subwoofer balanced and anchored to the floor, while improving the distribution of pressure inside the speaker.

Pressure vessel Mini Theatre - Pressure vessel

Pressure vessel

Inspired by deep sea pressure vessels, the PV1D's bubble shape is a beautiful solution to the problems that plague conventional subwoofers. In a normal, flat-sided subwoofer, air pressures tend to stress the panels of the cabinet, setting up unwanted resonances. In the PV1D, those pressures are dispersed evenly around a rigid, continuous shell, reducing unwanted vibrations to a bare minimum.

Nautilus tweeter Mini Theatre - Nautilus tweeter

Nautilus tweeter

The M-1's tweeter is a highly specialised piece of equipment custom-made by the team behind some of our best-known hi-fi speakers. The tweeter is tube-loaded – a design innovation we first introduced on our ground-breaking Nautilus speaker. The tube works by soaking up unwanted resonance from the back of the tweeter, so the sound you hear from the front is as
detailed and precise as possible.

Anti-Resonance Plug Mini Theatre - Anti-Resonance Plug

Anti-Resonance Plug

The redesigned bass/mid- range driver features our Anti- Resonance Plug – an acoustic innovation first seen on our high-end PM1 loudspeaker. Constructed from polymer foam, the mushroom-shaped device soaks up resonance like a sponge while also reducing cone break-up, creating unparalled clarity and detail in the midrange.

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